September 7, 2016 - 3:30pm

DLA Piper has decided to slash 180 jobs across all of its business support roles in the United Kingdom, in order to shift jobs to its new back-office hub in Warsaw, Poland.
Andrew Darwin, the chief operating officer of the firm, gave this statement to the ABA Journal: Our collective consultation has now concluded and we can confirm that we will be going ahead with our proposals to reduce the size of our IT, Finance, HR, Marketing & BD, and Secretarial teams in the U.K. as part of our plans to operate more effectively on a global basis and improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of the way we deliver our services to our clients.
DLA Piper’s move is one of the largest mass-layoffs in the U.K. since the financial crisis, according to Legal Business. The firm previously eliminated 250 jobs three years ago after shuttering its Glasgow office. Additionally, the move to centralize the firm’s business support jobs in low-income Warsaw has been underway ever since the back office was launched last November. According to DLA Piper, it is still evaluating its workforce and could eliminate more jobs in the coming months. In the meantime, the firm stated that fired employees will have access to a personal career coach for three months, and will be offered six months’ worth of general employment counseling, as well as emotional support.
Although they did it in the UK, they used that time tested American technique of announcing bad news right before a big holiday weekend.
Similarly, Orrick has it's "Global Operations Center" in Wheeling, West Virginia, as does Kaye Scholer in Tallassee, Florida., where a lot of the back office stuff that used to get done locally, engineering, accounting, IT, and more, is now done remotely.