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Lucas Legal Staffing is a cut above the rest in terms of recruiter style. They are more like a talent agents.  I will happily refer my colleagues to Lucas Legal Staffing.

- General Counsel, NY office Investment Management Firm

Lucas Legal Staffing presented me with a number of opportunities when it came time for me to leave my former firm.  We narrowed it down to what I can only say is the perfect fit for me and my practice. 

- Partner, NY office AmLaw 20 firm.

Lucas Legal Staffing helped me with my first, and hopefully only, lateral to a new firm that is far and away superior to my previous.  They helped me with every step of the way from due diligence to compensation.  I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

- Partner, DC office AmLaw 50 firm

Lucas Legal Staffing contacted me at the time I was about to undertake a search for a new firm.  After considering a number of opportunities with top the flight firms with which I met through their contacts, I was and am very happy with the firm we found together. 

-  Partner, Am Law 20 law firm

We had been on the lookout for the right person to head up our corporate group when Lucas Legal Staffing contacted us about another candidate.  After discussing with Brian what we had in mind, he presented us with a number of outstanding candidates.  Including the one we are very happy is now our corporate group leader.  

-  Director, Washington DC law firm

I was the Miami office managing partner at a national firm when Lucas Legal Staffing contacted me about an opportunity to take my practice national with an AmLaw 100 firm.  Brian found for me this opportunity to significantly expand my practice, and helped to close the deal with my new current firm with a significant increase in comp.

- Partner, AmLaw 100 firm

"Although I was not looking for a job when Brian contacted me, I was happy to discuss with him my ideas about a more ideal working environment where client needs and individual growth were prized above profits-per-partner and business origination credits.  Brian was able to present me with a number of excellent and suitable opportunities and I ended up making a switch to a firm I feel is more aligned with my personality and values."

- Financial Services Of Counsel, San Francisco Office of International Law Firm

"Brian found what was for me, the perfect opportunity.  One where I am now an equity partner and litigation group chair in a fantastic law firm where I still love going to work every day.  Anyone considering a change would do well to consult with Brian." 

- Partner, Group Chair, Washington DC Law Firm

"I could not be happier with the law firm to which Brian introduced me.   The culture, environment, and work opportunities were exactly what I was wanted at that stage in my career.  At first, I was somewhat skeptical that it could be as Brian described, almost as if it were to perfect a fit for what I wanted and he was just another recruiter selling me a pitch.  But, it was exactly as he described, and a perfect fit.  I recommend Brian enthusiastically. "

- Director, Washington DC Law Firm

"With my firm at the time undergoing significant changes, finding a new firm where my clients would be comfortable became a top priority.  It was also going tp be my first partner lateral.  Lucas Legal Staffing had an all A list line up for me to immediately consider.  Their industry  knowledge and negotiation experience helped make the lateral process a very successful one."

- Partner, International Law Firm 

"I have known and used Brian for several years and always counted on the ingenuity and creativity of his job searches for me.  He does not just put a few key words into a database and send me whatever resumes pop up as a result.  He takes the time to put in a thoughtful and imaginative search, and never fails to present a candidate that impresses me enough to want to hire.

– Secretarial Manager, International Law Firm

"Our law firm was happy to see that Brian started his own search agency.  Brian was familiar with our firm from having worked here.  That experience and his high energy level has contributed to his ability to find for us a number of successful lateral Directors.  We will continue to reach out to him to help us with our search for lateral Director (or Partner) level placement. "

- President, National Practice Law Firm